Storage Solution-Hangers

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Wardrobe is important for us, as we start a new day when we open it and close a day when we close it. The each pieces of garments, scarves, ornaments are closely linked with every moments in our lives.There is a saying that wardrobe contains our multicoloured lives, so it is challenging for us to settle our wardrobes. Hangers are a good storge solution for us, and hangers are more than hanging clothes...


The knee boots are not convenient put them in shoe cabinet, and they can be fixed by the clips of the metal hanger with clips after you clean and dy them well.

The scarf hanger can hold all of your scarves,ties, belts on its circles, when you need one for embellishing dress, the hanger submit you all the options at one time.

The velvet hanger with multi bars is a good place to flock all of your ornaments, such as glasses, bracelets, hair bands and so on. And it looks very cool with these ornaments in your wardrobe, right?

The small parts such as underwears, little towels, socks are not suitable to stack up in wardrobe directly, and this hanger with multi bags is a good solution of storage for them, and you do’t need worry losing anyone of them.

The multi-layers S shaped clips hanger can make your jeans neatly be displayed in your wardrobe, which is very convenient to choose anyone you want and looks very stylish!

The hangers are a very good storage solution to our wardrobes tidying, we can use them settling many things in it, and make your wardrobe shipshape as well as fashionable。


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