I Want a Balcony of Mine

Posted by admin 28/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

I want a balcony of mine,

Even if it is a small one, it still make me satisfying.

Where I can enjoy the scenery outside through the window,

I can feel the poetic imagery beauty of being a portrait in the street scenery.

I want a balcony of mine,

When it is rainning, I can listen to the sounds of raindrops falling to the ground,

When it is in sunny winter afternoon, I can get warm sunlight touching my cold face.

I want a balcony of mine,

I can breathe fresh air when I open the window in the morning,

I can enjoy the sunshine by leaning against the window in the weekend.

I want a balcony of mine,

I would plant lots of flowers and plants on it, and watching them dancing and smiling in the wind.

I would put a big wood bookshelf, on which there are many favorite books of mine,

I can enjoy the reading pleasure in it.

I want a balcony of mine,

Even it is not facing to the sea, and the flowers of spring are blosoming in my heart!

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