The Other Postures of Hangers

Posted by admin 15/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

 Hangers are used for hanging out of clothes in balconies, displaying of garments in wardrobes or in clothing stores. Have you thought that there are others ways for us to utilize hangers, especially the wooden hangers.

   Wall decoration : Put your favorite pictures or manuscripts fixded to the frames,  exactly saying the lower part of the hangers, so comes the vivid wall decoration at home! And the wood hangers with clips are supplying a good solution of displaying lovely children’s drawing for parents. 

 Storage : Wood hangers without hooks can be as assembly units for assembling a cute cupboard; worn-out denim jeans and wood hangers are fantastic partners at being a fashionable storage bag hanging on the wall.

 Art window display : Wood hangers are usually be used for making a amazing art window displaying work in shopping malls, being a faired chair or being a enormous rhinoceros or dinosaure, which brings us shocking displaying impression.

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