Different Times, Common Homes

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From 70s of last century, China has experienced a time of rapid development, our homes also has experienced a upgrade change from simplicity to concise style with sense of design. Here we go to review the home looks in 70s,80s,90s,00s and 10s
  The home in 1970s: The household items were in simple style, functional with monotonous deep color. The army green haversack was the hot-cake item for the young generation of that times.

The home in 1980s: The household items were keeping the same simple looks with deep colors as 70s, while the electric appliances were becoming a member of hosehold, and kinds of paint was used for decoration of homes, the floor and wall were not just plain any more.

The home in 90s: There were vast types of household items in the market, and the combined-cabinet was the most popular household item at that time, which was painted by light brown or maize-yellow usually.

The home in 00s: There was a obvious consciousness of home decoration for Chinese people, and the European-style household items were very popular at that times, which expressed a feeling of wealthy family.

The home in 10s: The high-quality home life is praised highly by us , and the home design trend is becoming concise with unique design idea. Wooden furnitures with advanced storage function are becoming more and more favorable for us, as they meet the idea of ecological and environment friendly, besides it is convenient for us to keep them clean always.

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