Three Kinds of Popular Paint for Wooden Ware

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Wooden wares are favored for uswith its graceful natural wood pattern, which bring us warm impression of home, while wooden wares need be applied some kinds of paint on them for protection and decoration purpose.

The three kinds of popular paint we use in wooden ware industry are NC paint, PU paint and water-based paint, here we share with you the knowledge of these kinds of paint for wooden wares. 

NC paint is named after NC Nitroncellulose, a kind of environment friendly paint, in which nitrocotton is the domain ingredient of film building. There are combination elements of alkyd resin, modified rosin resin and amino resin in it, the smell is mild and pleasant, the film of paint is easily get dried in a solid film. It is widely applied to furniture and household wooden ware as it is easily operated with a good decoration effect . While NC paint has less solid content , usually need be applied several times to get a good paint effect, and it is less protective at high temperature orat corrosion condition, wooden wares easily get damaged under these unfavorable conditions. 

PU paint is named after polyurethane paint, there are lots of no reaction TDI( toluene diisocynate)in it, which is something harmful to health, especially to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.The two main components in this kind of paint are main paint and curing agent ,in which contains free TDI. The free TDI makes furniture, even the wall getting flavescens besides being harmful to healthy. PU paint has its outstanding feature of protection and decoration, it is  high performance in wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance, and can be easily applied to variety of materials, such as metal, wood, rubber, plastic and concrete surface. Considering the unsafe issue of TDI in PU paint, water polyurethane paint is recommended for your choise , it takes water instead of chemical agent as medium, and has less VOC( volatile organic compounds), so it is less polluted to environment.

Water-based paint is the most popular paint in household markets in recent years, as it has advantage both at paint effect and at secure to health. It take water as diluent, andthe main component in it is acrylic acid, which has a good adhesive force to wooden wares. There are three types of water-based paint, one is water-soluble, one is water dispersive, the other is water dilution, emulsion varnish paint is one of well known water-based paints for us. It is easily operated, and avoid bubbles and particle occurring on the surfaces of wooden wares, while one thing is needed to pay attention is to keep surface of wooden ware clean and smooth enough, otherwise can not get a good paint effect. 
The price of water-based paint is something high, but the common household market trend both in domestic and in abroad is ecology, environment friendly and sustainable development. We hope paint can bring you color, protection as well as safety to our homes!


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