2017 Popular Color in Household Industry

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Global color authority, professional color standard Pantone issued the 2017 popular color in household

and apparel industry. Today we share some of them with you, which is Greenery, Pink Yarrow and Light


Greenery shows the early spring color, everything comes back to life, which represents people’s passion

to get close relationship with nature and the world. Greenery is the fashion color, which keeps in accord

with the idea of healthy, environmental protection, which is household industry has been upholding and

advocating. The good color match of greenery is white, which make people feel very pure and fresh.

Pink Yarrow is the color of elegance and romantic, very charming womanliness and stylish color. It can be

used in sofa, bedding, ornaments even the wall paint, which make us feel ease and comfort.

Light Cheese is the color of nature, embodies the life style of simplicity, environmental protection , go back

to nature which people lives in metropolis is seeking for. It can make spaces luminous, and is very easy to

match with other colors in our house.

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